Introduction of Campus Security Guards

Shenzhen University Town lies on the Xili Lake of Nanshan District, at the foot of the Tanglang Mountain. It covers an area of 1.45 square kilometers.

UTSZ campus security guards consist of three squadrons and 12 groups, 150 staff members in total who work round the clock on three shifts with each shift lasting 8 hours. They are employed by UTSZ Services Development Company Limited and directed by relevant departments of UTSZ administrative office. Their main responsibilities are as follows:

1. To implement securities services at all gates, campus patrol, maintain order and guard key areas

2. To work with the public security authorities and UTSZ security department on security administration and prevention of hazards against campus safety, so as to protect the people’s lives and property within UTSZ

3. To build emergency teams and work with the security department over emergencies, and perform guard duty for the public security authorities during major events and special security tasks

4. Led by the administrative office, campus security guards are responsible for the daily management and surveillance video of the duty room, recording phones and passing on messages to maintain the security of UTSZ

5. To promptly report to relevant departments of the administrative office and the public security authorities about any criminal cases, public chaos, fire hazards and any other situations severely jeopardizing school security, protect scenes and assist the public security authorities

6. To work with relevant departments upon the administration of the permanent and floating population working or conducting business within UTSZ