Based on the Internet information center, the platform provides Internet information service such as cloud computing, and next-generation Internet access service. It is devoted to building a “School Cloud” public technical service platform for Shenzhen’s colleges and universities by integrating the whole city’s education resources.

Providing Next-Generation Internet Access Service
It has achieved delicacy management and become the major node of Internet output of Shenzhen Advanced Technology Research Institute Service Station of Chinese Academy of Sciences, South University of Science and Technology of China, as well as the National Super-computing Center in Shenzhen. It is also the key node of the municipal e-government network.

The only Internet node with IPV6 access capability in Shenzhen

Building the Cloud Computing Public Service Platform for University Town of Shenzhen
Infrastructure Cloud: provides cloud computing, cloud database and cloud storage service; solves personalized computing demand, application development demand and Greater China storage demand

Characteristic service cloud: construct various software application systems based on web to achieve the form of software as a service

In 2014, we completed bandwidth upgrades of the campus network outlet, in which upstream/downstream symmetry rate of exclusive broadband reached 20MB to the maximum, achieving “wireless” network service featured with “Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere” and an overall reliability rate of 99.9% for campus network. We completed flattening transformation of the whole campus network, and achieved full coverage of PUPV connecting mode on campus, effectively enhancing the safety level of the campus network. Also, we fulfilled the demonstration project next-generation wireless intelligent campus application (Management Office’s first project not funded by municipal government) based on IPv6, making the wireless network in University Town Library upgrading into the currently highest technical specification, which greatly improved IT service capability. Again, we initiated drafting of proposal on University Town network and IT system project (Phase II).

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