Open Laboratories

It is the first project under the technology and research transfer platform. It includes a cutting-edge R&D experiment platform for public welfare based on the integration of lab resources from colleges, universities and scientific research institutes in University Town. It provides instruments, facilities and research base for the society. 

Functional Positioning
It gives play to the supportive function of innovation of University Town to increase governmental investment benefits.

It provides talents for middle and small-sized enterprises to help them achieve successful transformation.

It provides the new path combining production, teaching and research for colleges and universities, and serves urban development.

Supporting System
Key laboratories group with distinct gradations and sophisticated functions
Cutting-edge field and diversified subject system
High-level, internationalized and innovative scientific research team

Service System
Collaboration and Sharing Service System of Large-scale Scientific Instruments and Equipment
Expert Consulting Service System
Research Experiment Base Service System
Industrial Testing Service System

In 2014, online trial operation of the lab platform was launched to provide service for the  transformation and upgrading of middle and small-sized enterprises.

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